Hosted Contact Centre Infrastructure Market Report

By DMG Consulting LLC

Contact centers are complex operating environments with many applications and technologies. Figure 1 shows that there are five main technology categories in most contact center environments:

Core Systems: The core routing, queuing and processing engines for contact centers.

Management Systems: Applications that give managers visibility into contact center and agent performance. These applications are intended to make it easier to manage the operation.

Supporting Systems: Applications that enrich contact center interactions and make them easier to process.

Servicing Applications: Applications that manage and track customer requests, inquiries, sales, appointments, etc., and what an agent does to address issues/opportunities. This is a broad category, as the type of servicing or customer relationship management (CRM) application depends upon the purpose of the contact center.

Enabling/Common Applications: Technology, solutions and applications that are used in other parts of the enterprise and have found their way into the contact center.

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