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Consumer expectations will shape digital trends driving the future of business. New digital innovations are empowering consumers, leading to changes in what products and services are offered, how they are produced, and how they are consumed.

Digital innovations are not just new technologies that replace human effort – the changes are having a transformative impact on the future of business. They will alter industry structure and supply chains, shake up business structures and change the very nature of work for employees. Digital innovations are not just about the internet and websites – they include social networking, the cloud and easy to use mobile devices.

New technology can affect business through a number of channels including customer demands, employee expectations, technologies themselves, and from across the firm. This report suggests consumers are coming through first as the drivers of trends.

This report provides analysis and insights into the future of business – how digital innovations are changing work for organisations, managers and employees. It is based on 2012 survey research contained in the Optus Future of Business Report – Research and Findings , as well as consultations with selected stakeholders by Deloitte Access Economics.

Part of the power of this report is that it does not just look at what is happening right now, but also how this compares with 12 months ago and with the future – in three to five years’ time. By understanding where things are headed, business is better able to plan for the future.

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