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OK let’s talk about Customer Service.

At one level, it’s a strictly functional system you provide users of your product or service.

Something goes wrong – your customer needs it fixed, with a minimum of delay, fuss and effort on their part. But customer service ought to be far more than simply a system for repairing a defect. Rather than merely restoring the status quo, Customer Service is an opportunity for you to actually improve your relationship with your customer. Conversely, poor Customer Service is a great way to lose customers.

Unity4 Customer Service is an outsourced call centre service that uses the latest research to produce better outcomes for business and public service.

That research has shown that the rise of online commerce has seen customers becoming increasingly fickle – increasingly willing to switch providers. But what’s interesting is the nature of the stimuli that are known to provoke a customer to abandon their present supplier.

- Are they likely to switch if they don’t get their problems sorted out promptly?

Sure they are – but the research reveals that they are just as strongly influenced by the subliminal aspects of the service they receive. The way your customer feels about the person that fixes their problem can be just as important in keeping them loyal as the effectiveness with which your customer service representative addressed it.

Now, think about your own recent experiences of Customer Service – was the system quick, easy to navigate and well designed? And when you got through to the person who attended to your needs, was that interaction a gratifying one?

Did the representative give you immediate confidence in their ability to meet your needs?

These are the questions we should all ask about our customer service systems. If your answers are “yes”, it’s likely that you’ll stick with that supplier, even if you found the original problem irksome.

When you outsource your Customer Service to Unity4, you get a very special system that delivers better outcomes to its customers. How do we do it? Well, here are just some of the features that make Unity4 a unique service:

  • The quality of our people. Our call centre agents are well-remunerated, mature people, not the twenty-somethings you normally encounter when making a help call. Typically aged 35-45, our agents have life experience and work experience, and they bring both to bear when solving your customers’ problems.
  • We’re a cloud-based call centre. Our agents aren’t cooped up in a dispiriting building; they work from home, and at times that they choose. Put simply, they are happier people, and that contentment conveys itself to callers, making them feel valued.
  • Our training – vital though it may be that your customers feel good about your customer service, it will all be for nothing if the agent isn’t thoroughly competent and able to deal effectively with the problem at hand.
  • The architecture of our systems – Unity4 has many years’ experience designing call response systems that really work.

Phone us now, or request a quote, to find out more about how a Unity4 campaign can transform your organisation’s customer service.

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