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When Brisbane businesses need the support of a contact centre they face an invidious choice.

On the one hand, they can retain the services of use one of the Brisbane-based contact centres, constructed along familiar lines – a phone farm crammed with twenty somethings scraping a living while they wait for their “proper” career to get into gear.

Of course many call centres operate overseas, in countries where English may be an official language but is not necessarily the first language in the home. These agents may enjoy relatively better pay, but their heavily-accented English betrays their remoteness from your Australian customers, making it less likely that they will succeed in striking a rapport with them.

Each of these “traditional” contact centre models will deliver the traditional contact centre experience, and that’s not particularly good news, because, let’s face it, call centres have acquired a solid reputation for being irritating!

So is there no third way; one that irritates less and delivers more? As it happens, there is. Unity4 has created a contact centre service that breaks the mould, in several important ways:

Irritate Less, Deliver More

The Unity4 system is cloud-based, meaning that our agents work from home and at times of their own choosing. Right away that gives an advantage, in that your customers will be talking to agents who are relaxed and in their own environment. And our agents are mature people in their 30s and 40s – people with some experience of life, who are able to relate socially and culturally to your customers, building a rapport transforms the “traditional” call centre experience, leading to far greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

But it’s not just the quality of our agents that sets Unity4 apart. Just as important is the quality of our systems. Unity4’s software is the result of a decade’s experience and development. It supports follow up cascades, credit card payments and merchandising fulfilment – indeed anything that starts with a phone call. And it provides real-time monitoring and analysis.

Unity4 is a fully accredited PCI (Payment Card Industry) merchant, enabling us to provide credit card acceptance facilities for customers who lack their own accreditation, and fostering the culture of excellence that pervades everything we do.

To learn more about how Unity4 can provide your business with a better contact centre solution, call us or send us a contact request here.

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