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When a Melbourne business finds itself in need of contact centre services it has a stark choice.

It can either use one of the contact centres based down town in its own city, or it can use one of the many that are based down town in someone else’s city; usually overseas and a very long way away.

Whichever they choose, they are likely to find all the problems we associate with contact-centres built along traditional lines. Listless, underpaid twenty somethings, earning a crust until their career takes off, and whose voices tend to announce to those they call that they are a very long way away, socially as well as geographically. Paying a little more will get you a contact centre on Australian soil, but it won’t bridge the social and cultural gap between your customers and the people calling them on your behalf.

So is that it, then? Do you simply have to accept that a crucial component of your business is in the hands of people you’d be very unlikely to employ? Do you really have no alternative to subjecting your customers to the Call Centre Experience?

Unity4 – Contact Centre Service for the 21st Century

Well, no. Unity4 has broken the mould in contact centre service.
By being cloud-based, we can employ people who work from their own homes, not in a cubicle in a phone farm. Our agents are typically mature men and women with some life experience to draw on. We pay them well, and they are likely to share social and cultural values with your customers. With our proprietary software we’re able to monitor their activities in real time, yet they have the satisfaction of working from home and to their own timetable. All this bears fruit in the consistently excellent results we achieve.

But, important though the quality of our agents is, it would be of no advantage without world class systems to schedule, log and monitor calls, and to handle the workflow associated with calls. Our software embodies the wisdom of a decade’s experience designing and building systems to handle the ever growing workflow around contact centre service. The Unity4 contact centre service supports follow ups, merchandising fulfilment, payment transactions – indeed we handle anything that starts with a phone call.

To learn more about how Unity4 can transform your telephone support, call us or send us a contact request here.

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