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Perth businesses that need contact centre support face a choice.

They can use one of a number of Perth-based contact centres, built on lines that have now become traditional – a large number of telephone agents housed in a down-town phone farm, and suffering all the problems we associate with contact centres – poorly paid, poorly motivated agents playing a numbers game to get through the day, until their “real” career kicks in.

Or they can look overseas, to services which cost less, but are delivered by heavily-accented agents whose English, when it is comprehensible, is far from fluent.

In either case, they are stuck with a “traditional” contact centre, with all that that implies. And the big implication is that they are placing important aspects of their business in the hands of people they would never consider employing, in the hope that the value they deliver will outweigh the irritation they cause.

Or they can turn to Unity4. You see Unity4’s contact centre service is different, in important ways:

Irritate Less, Deliver More

Firstly, we are cloud based. Our agents work from home, and at times of their own choosing. That means we don’t pay city rents and can pass on the savings to our clients. And it also means we can employ mature call agents; people with some experience of life, who are likely to relate culturally and socially to those they call on your behalf. And because we pay them well and they work to their own timetable, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we routinely deliver superior results.

Important though it is, however, a skilled, well-motivated workforce is only part of the story. A first class contact centre needs first class systems for call logging, coordinating follow-up cascades and real time reporting if it is to deliver maximum value.

Unity4 uses its own proprietary software system, developed over many years on the back of extensive experience gained while the call centre industry itself was developing. The Unity4 team includes managers skilled in campaign design and with a wealth of experience in what works – and what doesn’t – in contact centre service. The result is that Unity4 can handle anything that starts with a phone call!

Unity4 is also PCI, ADMA, DNC, and ATA accredited, so we are able to handle payments on behalf of clients who lack their own accreditation. Maintaining our compliance also reinforces the culture of excellence we bring to every contract we undertake

To learn more about how Unity4 can transform your telephone marketing, call us or send us a contact request here.

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