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Sydney businesses in need of contact centre services have a choice to make.

They can use one of a number of contact centres based down town in their own city of Sydney. Or they can use one of the many contact centres based down town in someone else’s city; usually in another country a very long way away.

In either case, they are likely to encounter the problems we associate with call-centres built along traditional lines. Poorly motivated, poorly paid agents, usually marking time until their “real” career gets off the ground. In the case of overseas contact centres, they cannot avoid betraying their remoteness through their voices. Paying a little more for an Australian-based service enables them to get around this problem, but it doesn’t overcome the social distance between your target market and the agents calling them on your behalf.

So either way, they are likely to be entrusting a vital aspect of their business to people they would be very unlikely to employ, and who they know are going to irritate a lot of your customers!

Unity4 – Sydney’s 21st Century Contact Centre

There is an alternative, though – Unity4. Unity4 is a very different kind of contact centre.

For a start, we employ mature people, with some experience of life, and we pay them properly. That means they are far more likely to relate socially and culturally to those they call – which translates into higher rates of customer satisfaction.

Next, we are cloud-based. That means that our agents work from home, and to their own schedule, instead of elbow-to-elbow in a phone farm. Our world class software ensures that their activities are transparent at all times, but they enjoy much greater job satisfaction, leading to improved service outcomes.

And while the quality of our agents is a key factor in our success, it’s only part of the story. These days contact centres must not just handle the call, but everything that flows from it, including follow-ups, payments and merchandise fulfilment, together with real-time reporting.

Unity4’s proprietary software system was developed over the course of a decade, using our professional campaign managers’ hard-won experience of what works and what does not. It provides the flexibility to create unique campaigns tailored to each customer. Just as with a traditional contact centre, calls can be monitored in real time, allowing the campaign to be “tweaked” for optimum performance.

A contact centre must also handle payments seamlessly. Unity4 is PCI, ADMA, DNC, and ATA accredited, so clients who use our service acquire a built-in secure payment system.

To learn more about how Unity4 can transform your telephone support, call us or send us a contact request here.

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