Telmarketing for Fundraising.

Conducting a successful fundraising campaign has never been tougher.

“Compassion fatigue” and “Donor fatigue” are unfortunately familiar terms, and making your voice heard above the clamour for the charity of ordinary Australians requires a fresh approach, expertly managed.

Experienced charity marketing managers are becoming painfully aware of the need to use the very sharpest tools in the shed in order to conduct effective fundraising campaigns.

The heart of a good fundraising campaign is the organisation that makes the call. But merely being able to clock up an impressive log of outbound calls is no guarantee of success. An effective fundraising campaign requires the creation of an entire system – one that includes optimal time-of-day calling, follow-ups to thank donors for their contributions at times statistically most likely to convert first-time donors to regular givers and to persuade “fatigued” donors to continue giving.

It must address practical issues such as the repair of donations that have failed due to credit card expiry, and the need of increasing numbers of not-for-profits organisations to deliver merchandise as part of a donor reward system.

Fundraising Services in Australia, New Zealand & the UK.

Unity4 has been leading the way in the challenging field of not-for-profits fundraising for nearly a decade. Not only do we provide a highly efficient call centre service, we design entire fundraising campaigns that regularly deliver better results our clients.

Our campaigns produce more donors, and convert more first-time donors to regular givers.

Here are just some of the ways we achieve these impressive results:

  • Quality – the agents we employ are not bored twenty-somethings marking time while they wait for something better to claim their attention. Our agents are typically aged 35-45. They have some experience of life, and an experience of work that means they are far more likely than the average call centre agent to be able to engage with your donors, socially and culturally.
  • Unity4 is a cloud-based call centre service. Rather than working in a cramped, dispiriting building, our agents work at home, and at times which are largely of their own choosing. This means they are simply happier people, and that naturally translates into better yields.
  • We don’t just make phone calls. Many not-for-profits fundraising programs under-perform because they handled by managers who have little real understanding of the dynamics of charitable donating. If required, Unity4 will design an entire campaign. We use proven statistical tools, allied to our decade-long experience of fundraising, to build campaigns that will really work. This enables us to schedule first calls and follow-ups to donors at the most statistically appropriate times – for instance to maximise renewals and minimise drop-outs.
  • Credit Card payments – Unity4 is fully approved under Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS). This allows us to manage credit card payments on your behalf.
  • We don’t just deliver great fundraising results; we’ll deliver your merchandise, too. We have a logistics partnership that enables us to provide an efficient fulfilment service to not-for-profits whose fundraising programs include offers of merchandise. This includes warehousing, pick-and-despatch and delivery.

Phone us now, or request a quote, to find out more about how a Unity4 fundraising campaign can transform your organisation’s finances.

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