Fundraising Telemarketing Companies

We’ve all heard of “compassion fatigue”, and its close relative, “donor fatigue”. It’s never been tougher to campaign for the charity dollar. There’s just so much competition for the attention of the ordinary Australian, and as social media like Facebook and Twitter add to the clamour, it’s tempting for campaign managers to think that the traditional ways of soliciting charitable donations have exhausted their potential.

But that would be a mistake. Conventional telemarketing is still a potent means of not for profit fundraising – but the campaign needs to be in the hands of the right telemarketing company. Because we all know the downside of telemarketing – the companies have done themselves no favours with their typical choice of business model. Low-paid, poorly educated telemarketing agents with no social connection with the people they are calling, going through the motions to complete their quota of calls; it’s hardly surprising that they are the stuff of urban mythology – and not in a good way. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Unity4 has designed a fundraising telemarketing model that irritates less, and succeeds more. We routinely outperform call centres operated on more conventional lines.

How do we do it?

  • Your Kind of People, talking to your Kind of People. It starts with our people. Our call agents are not the usual twenty-somethings, marking time before their “careers” take off. We employ mature people in their middle years – people who are likely to have something in common with you donors. And in our cloud-based system they work from home, leading to greater job satisfaction and contentment.
  • A complete solution. Nowadays, simply making the calls is just the start. The success of a fundraising telemarketing campaign depends just as much on what happens after that first, successful call. Follow ups by phone and email, processing of payments, repair and extension of subscriptions and the fulfilment of the increasing numbers of campaigns which involve the sale of merchandise. This cascade of activities demands a carefully designed system, created with the experience of many years. Many telemarketing companies fail at not for profits fundraising because they lack the understanding of the dynamics of charity donation to create this vital architecture.
  • Secure Payments. Since we are fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) conditions, we bring to each fundraising client the benefit of an up and-running, fully operational credit card payments system.
  • Logistics. In conjunction with our logistics partners, we offer NFPs conducting a merchandising campaign a ready-make fulfilment package that includes warehousing, pick-and-despatch and delivery.

In essence, if it starts with a phone call, Unity4 can do it. Call us or send us a quote request, if you’d like to find out more about how Unity4 can transform your fundraising campaigns.

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