Not for Profit Telemarketing

Competition for the charity dollar has never been greater.

The number of organisations seeking the generosity of the man and woman in the street is larger than it has ever been, and “compassion fatigue”, leading swiftly to “donor fatigue” is a widely-recognised phenomenon.

Nowadays, it pays smart not-for-profits campaign and marketing managers to face the fact that that the low-hanging fruit has long-since been picked, and that to succeed, they will need access to the very best campaign resources the market has to offer.

Apart from the simple act of asking somebody to donate, the design and management of effective fundraising requires an efficient system; timely follow-up to thank donors for their contributions, convert first-time donors to regular givers, repair donations that have failed due to credit card expiry, and so on.

And with more not-for-profits enticing donors with offers of merchandise, many campaigns need an efficient fulfilment system to ensure that their donors’ generosity is properly and promptly rewarded.

Telemarketing for Non Profits and Charities – Its much more than just the phone call.

Unity4 has been providing premium-quality call centre services to not-for-profits for more than a decade. We routinely outperform other call centre operators in this challenging field, generating more new donors, and converting more of them to regular givers.

Here’s how we do it:

  • The quality of our agents. Our people are not listless twenty-somethings working at one of a battery of workstations as a way of earning a living until something more agreeable comes along. Our agents are typically in the 35-45 age group, and bring to their work a work history and experience of life that enables them to connect socially and culturally to the people they call.
  • Unity4 operates a cloud-based call service. Instead of being housed in a single, over-crowded building, our agents work from home and at times which are largely of their choosing. This leads to greater job-satisfaction, which translates into greater yields.
  • We don’t just phone people up. Many not-for-profits campaigns disappoint because they are placed in the hands of campaign managers who don’t have a profound understanding of the dynamics of charity. Unity4 will design your entire campaign for you, using statistical tools to reinforce our extensive experience of fundraising. This allows us to schedule first calls and follow-ups to donors at the most statistically appropriate times, for instance to maximise renewals and minimise drop-outs.
  • We are fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements, meaning we can offer our clients full credit card payment facilities, without them having to undertake the onerous compliance procedure on their own account.
  • Through our logistics partnership, we can offer NFPs operating a merchandising campaign an efficient fulfilment service, including warehousing, pick-and-despatch and delivery.

Give us a call or request a quote, to learn more about how Unity4 can transform your fundraising campaigns.

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