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These days, the first your potential customers may hear from your company may well be the voice of an agent calling from an outbound call centre. If that call fails, you are unlikely to get another chance.

Now, think about the last cold call you received.

Did you welcome it?

Or did it irritate you? More to the point, was it the sort of voice you want representing your company?

It’s no secret that receiving a cold call from a call centre can sometimes do your brand as much harm as good.

The Outbound Call Centre That Irritates Less And Sells More.

Unity4 is an Australian company with operations in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. Unity4′s revolutionised the outsourcing of outbound call centre services. We realised that the outsourcing of sales, customer service, market research, disaster recovery and fund-raising were all here to stay. But there was clearly something profoundly wrong with a service that had become a byword for frustration, irritation and general customer dissatisfaction. There had to be a way to irritate less and sell more, and Unity4 set about creating it.

The result is the leading English-language call centre service; a unique fusion of superior human capital with our purpose-built software infrastructure that delivers significantly better outcomes for our customers.

Here’s how we do it:

  • The quality of our agents. They are recruited exclusively from the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and are fluent English speakers. Unlike the usual twenty-somethings serving time in a call centre building, en route to more agreeable employment, our agents are typically mature, aged 35-40. They bring to their work significant life and work experience.
  • Being cloud-based, our agents work from home, at times they choose, and are likely to share common ground, socially as well as geographically, with your customers.
  • The quality of management, software and systems that support our agents. We built our systems from scratch around cloud-based service, so they are not clunky adaptations of existing infrastructure.
  • Transparency. Unity4 started doing this before the term “cloud” was even coined – so we’ve had a decade and more to develop and refine our systems. You can log on at any time to see the progress of your campaign, and see the reports that experience tells us are genuinely important to you when running a campaign.
  • Seamless integration of ALL the services your campaign needs, including such extensions as postal and email follow-up. ALL your customer interaction takes place and is captured within the one system, controlled by an intuitive rule engine.
  • Security – Unity4 works for blue chip companies such as well as government departments – so it has passed some of Australia’s toughest security audits.
  • Flexibility – our service is built to be responsive to the episodic demand of customers such as disaster management agencies or retailers.
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