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“Customer Service” – it’s a simple term, but it’s an aspect of your business that you really must get right, if you are to keep your existing customers. Done right, it will even win you new ones.

In essence, “Customer Service” is simply the system you provide for fixing any snags that may arise when your customers use your product or service. And don’t get us wrong – it absolutely has to function effectively in that role.

But customer service can and should be so much more than merely a fuss-free way of repairing things. Of course it’s also where customers frequently go when they want to spend more with you, by replenishing consumables or upgrading to a higher tier of service.

And let’s face it, “customer service” has its dark side – it’s a great opportunity to lose customers and harm your reputation.

Research has demonstrated that online commerce has been accompanied by diminishing levels of customer loyalty. Increasing numbers of services can be provided with little or no change to hard wiring or other built infrastructure, and comparative pricing is increasingly transparent. Switching suppliers has never been easier!

Add to that the fact that we human beings have a perverse preference for sharing our bad experiences more than the good ones and the case for excellence in customer service is compelling.

Outsourcing your customer service to Unity4 gives you the benefit of many years’ experience, allied to the latest research. The result; a truly excellent service that will please your customers and preserve your social capital. Because again, research convincingly shows that while customers naturally value functional efficiency in customer service, the subliminal aspects of the service play a key part in retaining their loyalty.

If you doubt this, take a moment to reflect on your own experience of customer service.

Let’s play fair, and take an example in which the service you sought was, in the event, delivered.

- But how did you feel about the representative who eventually helped you?
– Were you put promptly through to them?
– When you were, was the conversation a pleasant one?
– Did they inspire confidence from the start of the conversation?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, the chances are that, no matter how tiresome the original snag you feel more inclined to stick with the supplier, and less susceptible to the blandishments of rival providers.

When you outsource your Customer Service to Unity4, you get a very special system that delivers better outcomes. How do we do it? Well, here are a few of the ways we have made Unity4 the unique service it is today:

  • Our people. We employ mature people, and we pay them properly. So your customers won’t encounter the bored twenty-somethings so common in customer service. Typically aged 35-45, our agents bring to their work an experience of life and work that communicates itself to callers, creating a positive impression at the outset of a call.
  • We are cloud-based. Our agents don’t operate from the confines of a grim, cramped building; they do their work from home, and they choose when they do it. This leads to a greater job satisfaction that communicates itself to their callers, and gives them the sense of being valued by your organisation.
  • The design of our customer service systems – Unity4’s many years’ experience enables us to design slick, effective systems that work the way your customers intuitively expect them to work.
  • Superior training – there’s no point in creating a wonderful, feel-good customer service experience if it doesn’t do what it says on the tin – serve customers. Our agents are thoroughly trained in the products and services they deal with.

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