Outsource Help Desk

You and your business exist to create . . . create useful things, useful services – and then sell them.

That’s what gets you out of bed in the morning, right?

And compared to the buzz you get from making and selling good products, the business of fixing them and answering questions about them can seem somehow uninspiring.

But the market has an unfortunate habit of punishing businesses that treat their Help Desk as the poor relation of their sales department.

Conversely, a really good Help Desk can unlock hidden reserves of goodwill and social capital that will reinforce the loyalty your customers feel towards you and your products. It can be an opportunity to sell your customer an upgrade of their existing service, or indeed an entirely new product.

Essentially, a Help Desk is there to solve problems.

Your customer encounters a snag using your product or service, they call for help, and you do your best to provide it. Hopefully, you succeed, and the customer goes away satisfied, to continue using the product they originally bought from you. But if all you have done is restored your relationship with your customer to its former state, you have probably missed a great opportunity to add to your business’ social capital.

And, let’s face it, for a lot of people, “Help Desk” is an oxymoron!

Research reveals that the advent of online commerce has significantly reduced traditional levels of brand loyalty. Increasingly, service providers can be changed without attendant changes in hard wiring or other aspects of infrastructure. In addition, comparative pricing is ever more readily available to consumers. In short, it has become easier than ever to switch suppliers or service providers!

Then there’s the indisputable fact that we are far more likely to tell others about bad service we have received than we are to share good experiences.

It all adds up to a compelling case for creating a really excellent Help Desk.

Unity4 has been helping businesses do that for nearly a decade, and clients of our outsourced Help Desk service have seen the superior business outcomes that our experience and research-based design expertise deliver.

If you doubt the importance of a first-class Help Desk, you only have to consider your own recent experiences of seeking assistance. Even in cases where your problem was, in the end, solved, was it solved quickly?

And how did the service you received make you feel?

Did you get promptly through to the right person to deal with your problem?

How did that person make you feel about the organisation they represented?

Did they seem sincerely interested in helping you, or did they project a veneer of bonhomie, with no substance behind it –were they, when all was said and done, competent to fix your problem?

Your answers to these questions will bear directly on how likely you are to stay with that supplier, spend more with them, and reject the efforts of rivals to convert you to their product or service.

When you outsource your Help Desk to Unity4, you get a system that delivers positive answers to all those questions. How do we achieve such great outcomes? Well, here are the keys to our success:

  • Better “human capital”. We employ mature help desk agents, and we remunerate them generously. So instead of the listless twenty-somethings who commonly man Help Desks, your customers will find themselves talking to someone aged 35-45 with an experience of work and life that creates a positive impression from the get-go.
  • Our Help Desks are cloud-based. Rather than working in a cramped, grim “phone farm”, they operate from their own homes, and at times they choose. This control over their working lives leads to a degree of contentment that communicates itself to your customers, giving them the sense that your organisation values them – as it should.
  • Superior design of our Help Desk systems – with its many years’ experience Unity4 has developed the skills to design systems that combine speed and efficiency, and work intuitively.
  • Superior training – despite the importance of creating the right emotional response, the first duty of a Help Desk is to help! We train our agents thoroughly in the products and services they deal with.

Phone us now, or request a quote, to find out more about how a Unity4 Help Desk can reduce your customer service costs and transform your organisation’s reputation.

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