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Not for profits fundraisers face a tough task. They have never faced greater competition from other charities vying for the compassion of the donor, and donor fatigue is an ever-present threat. And the rise of the electronic social media has brought a plethora of bewildering alternative fundraising channels. It’s easy to see the traditional telefundraising campaign, with its unwelcome social baggage of irritating calls from distant call centres, as a waning force.

In fact, traditional telefundraising remains one of the most fertile means of reaching the charity dollar – provided they are handled by the right telemarketing organisation. Because too many telefundraising companies treat not for profit fundraising as a raw numbers game, conducted on the principle that if enough calls are made, as cheaply as possible, a trickle of conversions will ensue.

Unity4 has a different telefundraising model to those of rival companies, and it’s one that proves itself time and again in the field, yielding more donors and converting more existing ones to regular givers. We know the elements of a good telefundraising campaign:

  • Irritate less, convert more. Our agents are quite different from the usual “phone farm” workers. Mature, and with some genuine experience of life, they are all native English speakers. They are far more likely to share cultural and social experience with your potential donors. Furthermore, our cloud-based system allows our agents to work at their own pace, from home. They are happy, fulfilled people doing a job they love – and that contentment conveys itself to the donors they call.
  • Professional campaign design. Too many campaigns disappoint because they have not been designed by professionals who understand the dynamics of giving. Unity4’s campaign managers are professionals who use proven statistical tools to determine such issues as optimum call and follow up times, thank-yous and the many other milestones in a successful solicitation.
  • Logistical support. For the many campaigns that today entail a merchandise reward we have a logistics partnership that allows us to provide warehousing, stock control, order processing, pick-and-despatch and delivery.
  • A slick, intuitive payment system. We are fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) accredited, which allows us to receive credit card payments on behalf of organisations which have no system in place.

So for your next fundraising campaign, there’s no need to settle for a brutal game of numbers. Unity4 can transform your telefundraising fortunes. To learn more about what we can do for your organisation, call us now or request a quote.

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