Raising funds by telephone has a long history, and it’s fair to say it’s a history with at least as much bad in it as good. At the best of times, unsolicited calls are a notorious source of irritation, and that irritation is only made worse if the call is handled by an insensitive, poorly trained telephone agent. With the pressure on the charity dollar never greater, with “donor fatigue” an ever-present phenomenon and with the advance of the social media and other alternative channels, it’s tempting for not for profits fundraisers to believe that telefundraising is simply a brutal numbers game – clock up enough calls as cheaply as possible, be prepared to accept a miserable conversion rate, and be thankful for what you get.

But that would be a big mistake. Telefundraising is still the most effective tool in the box for meeting your donation targets – but it has to be in the right hands.

Unity4 set out to build a telefundraising service that addressed the issues of donor alienation intelligently, as well as creating an unrivalled follow up and fulfilment system to maximise the return in funds and goodwill from every conversion.

How did we do it?

Well, we started with the quality of the people making the calls. We employ native English speakers. Not only that, but they are mature people in their middle years, with some experience of life, so they are likely to be able to engage culturally and socially with the donors they speak to. And because our cloud-based system means that our agents work from home, at times of their choosing, our agents bring an enthusiasm to their work that you just don’t find the traditional phone farm

Then there’s our system. The phone call is just the start of a cascade of events vand actions that need to be performed if the campaign is to succeed. Donation processing, follow ups, thank-yous, database updating and renewals – all these calls need not only to be performed, but be optimally timed for best results. And increasing numbers of not for profits campaigns now entail some form of merchandise reward. Unity4’s telefundraising system includes a logistics partnership to take care of order processing,warehousing, pick-and-despatch and delivery.

Next, our campaign managers are true professionals, who have the experience and training in the dynamics of giving to create campaigns that regularly deliver more donors and convert more to regular givers. We use proven statistical tools to determine such things as the frequency and timing of calls.

So there’s no need to settle for a raw numbers game. Unity4 can transform your telefundraising fortunes. To find out how. Call us now or request a quote.

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