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Let’s face it; telemarketing, particularly outbound telemarketing, has got itself rather a bad name.

When people receive an unsolicited call from someone who is clearly an awful long way away from them – both socially and geographically – they have every incentive to cut the call short and have nothing more to do with the company that made it.

And that’s true even if the product or service on offer is one from which the call recipient could genuinely benefit.

And even when the customer is making the call, they are much more likely to buy the product or service on offer if they receive an intelligent, well-informed response from an agent whose voice and demeanour place them, socially and culturally, within their broad peer group.

Marketers have invested large sums of money in trying to solve these twin problems, with varying degrees of success. There is, however, one way to ensure superior outcomes – Unity4.

Unity4 has been providing telemarketing call centre services to the English-speaking world for nearly a decade, and has earned itself an enviable reputation for producing superior results.

How do we do it?

Our success rests on 5 key elements in the Unity4 service:

  • The quality of our people. Rather than using underpaid school-leavers, marking time while they look for a career, we retain mature agents with a sound background in life and work. We remunerate them generously, and the result is that they enjoy their work, and are more likely to engage socially and culturally with your target audience.
  • We’re cloud-based. That means that our agents work at a time and place of their choosing, leading to greater job satisfaction, which pervades their interactions with your prospective customers, leading to greater success.
  • Our systems are better designed – the phone call is usually only the start, obtaining the customer’s permission to start a conversation that may quickly move on to email, with appropriate follow-ups. To give maximum transparency, our clients can obtain real-time reports on the performance of their campaign, and make changes to improve outcomes. Our system records calls at random, to ensure our agents are performing satisfactorily, and to “tune” our scripts for optimum effectiveness..
  • Our Style – drawing on our extensive experience, we create scripts that strike an ideal balance between congeniality and measurable functional effectiveness.
  • Logistics – we have logistics partners through whom we offer an efficient merchandise fulfilment package. This may include warehousing, pick-and-despatch and delivery.

In summary, if it starts with a phone call, Unity4 can provide it.

We know that successful telemarketing depends on the ability to obtain permission from the customers to converse with them.

If you would like to learn more about how Unity4 can transform your telemarketing performance, send us an enquiry, or simply give us a call.

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