Contact Centre Outsourcing – What our agents say about Unity4

At Unity4 we understand that our agents are the most important factor in making our clients’ projects a success.

  • Jo

    Jo has worked for Unity4 since 2008.

  • Adam

    Adam has worked for Unity4 since 2008

  • Christine

    Christine has worked for Unity4 since 2008.

  • Terri

    Terri has worked with Unity4 since 2007

  • Kerry

    Kerry has worked for Unity4 since 2008

  • Derek

    Derek has worked for Unity4 since 2006

Jo's Opinion

This is my 4th year working for Unity4 now. I came across the job while surfing the net looking for part time work. I filled out the application form online and haven’t looked back since! All from the comfort of my own home/office. I was able to apply for the job and complete all training (paid training) from home. I started working on the Backyard Buddies campaign. First day I thought would be very daunting, but I was made to feel right at home from the start, the agents were very welcoming and always on hand if you needed help. The management team make you feel like part of a family.

The best part is you are able to pick your own hours each week, no need to get up an hour early to beat the traffic just to get to work or find parking. Just a few steps and you’re there! Coffee in hand.

So if you have children to get to school, or appointments you need to keep, no hassle just schedule your hours around them. This is what I found great about working for Unity4 and from home.

Since starting I have had the opportunity to work on different campaigns. The support and ongoing training is fantastic I would have to say this is the most rewarding and stress free employment I have had.  I had the opportunity to go to the head office last year with one of the other agents that I met working for Unity4. They are a great bunch of people! I don’t plan on going anywhere soon.

I would highly recommend working for Unity4. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Adam's Opinion

I have worked for Unity4 as a sales agent for the last 4 years. A friend mentioned that they had opportunities which may suit my situation. I suffered a stroke 9 years ago and am confined to a wheelchair. I completed an online application and a phone based interview with Unity4. Easy!

I now help to raise funds for the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife with the Backyard Buddies campaign. Every day, it’s a great feeling to support the environment by selling cute and cuddly penguins. Unity4 has given me lots of training and been very supportive. Unlike other work from home businesses, you get paid for every hour that you work. It is great to be able to set my own work hours and work from home, so no waiting in the rain or transport costs to and from work.  Or traffic jams.

I cannot recommend Unity4 enough as they have helped me get my life started again.


Christine's Opinion

I started working with Unity4 as a telephone operator in May 2008 when I was looking for something I could do from home. I wanted flexible hours so that I could still be free to do my other activities.

I have been on the TRUEnergy campaign, selling electricity to small businesses, since I started and find it very rewarding – it has its challenges but it is also enjoyable. One of the things I really enjoy is the team interaction. Everyone has lots of fun and the support from team members and management is terrific. We are able to online chat while we work to help each other or just as a bit of a diversion.

Working from home is great … work the hours you want to, no traffic hassles, no fancy clothes and makeup and if you need to throw on a load of washing you can!

The support and training is extremely good with regular recognition for a job well done. Unity4 is a very professionally run organisation and the software system is brilliant despite a few hiccups every now and then.

I see myself continuing to work from home for some time to come as it really suits my lifestyle, is rewarding and fun.


Terri's Opinion

I have been working for Unity4 since 2007 and thoroughly enjoy the work. There is a great team of agents and a fantastic management team, always ready to help.

At the time I started I was looking for a job with flexible hours. I have family commitments preventing me from going “out” to work, it was then I found Unity4.

The Unity4 work sounded “great” but I was a bit sceptical as I had tried so many other “@home” jobs only to be disappointed…not to mention how sceptical my husband was (who, by the way, now also works for Unity4).

After passing my initial test I was excited to begin paid training. That’s right you get paid for the initial training immediately, I found new friends and was very soon on my way to receiving a good wage every two weeks and right on time (including superannuation).

I have worked on many campaigns including Red Cross; Red Bull; Scholastic, etc .  However, my favourite campaign, by far, is “The Backyard Buddies”.  The buddies are fabulous characters and they are a fantastic way of raising awareness of the ‘plight’ of many of our beautiful real wildlife species and I always feel tremendous ‘job’ satisfaction at the end of every shift with the added ‘buzz’ that my efforts have in some measure helped to save our unique wildlife from extinction.

- The team spirit on every campaign is brilliant, always someone to have fun with on our ‘chat’ site whilst working, so you never feel isolated.

-  Training and backup from ‘Training Managers’ and ‘Team Support Members and Team Leaders’ is the best I have ever encountered from any company-which is why I have had such a successful and financially rewarding career to date with Unity4 – my income is ‘way above average’ for this type of work.

- My hours are flexible to suit my needs and I don’t have to spend money ‘going out to work’!!!

I am always learning new skills and will probably be with Unity4 until “my very last working day”!I recommend working for Unity4 to anyone.

Great work, Great pay, Great people and personally very rewarding.

Thanks Unity4.


Kerry's Opinion

One day surfing the internet I saw an advertisement saying that Unity4 was looking for agents. The position offered work at home which suited my particular circumstances; a single mother with two children.

The process of applying to be an agent for Unity4 was hassle free and a pleasant experience.

Upon becoming an Agent for Unity4 which now is 3 years ago, you are taken in and given expertise training and reassurance and made to feel a part of a team.

I live in a beautiful, small town in the mid north coast and unfortunately there are few options available for local employment. As I said, I solely raise 2 children; the ability to work from home gives me the flexibility to both work and care for my children. The benefit of this flexibility offered by Unity4 is that I can combine my work with family duties in a way that I could only have imagined.

Unity4 has provided me with flexible, interesting, meaningful employment whilst allowing me to manage our home.

Becoming an Agent with Unity4 has many benefits, working from home, above award wages, flexible scheduling, you actually get to choose your own hours and days you would like to work. For example in the past when any of my family has been ill, Unity4 has been compassionate and sympathetic to all our needs, above and beyond the normal work place.

Nothing is too much trouble.

Unity4 offers a variety of interesting campaigns; Market research, Community Awareness Campaigns, Product Knowledge and Branding, to name a few. This variety keeps you refreshed, challenged and provides an insight into things that are occurring outside of your normal day to day routine.

The staff at Unity4 head office make you feel part of one big family; they are approachable, understanding, kind and helpful. Any issue or problem that may arise they are only a phone call or email away.

I am also very lucky to work with so many wonderful agents, that I have become firm friends. I highly recommend gaining employment with Unity4 they offer flexible interesting employment in a friendly atmosphere all from the comfort of your own home.


Derek's Opinion

I had spent ten years in a family business in the construction/building game. I left that and was running a car detailing company for 3 years when my father lost his short battle with cancer early 2006. I wanted and needed change in my life.

I decided to go back to university and commence a BA in accounting I needed a job to pay the bills, but something I could pick my hours and be flexible around my study I came across Unity4 on the Internet.  They wanted home based phone operators to make outbound calls for the rescue helicopters it was a great cause to work for and I could pick the hours I wanted to work, it was perfect, so perfect, my wife also started with me at Unity4, and now Mum is also an agent.

I was a bit nervous at first because I wasn’t that computer savvy but the support team at Unity4 were excellent and help was at hand with any issue I had setting up the home based phone system. They gave us ample training on how to use there software and portals and although home base operated sounds isolated that was far from the truth with constant feed back and contact from Unity4 campaign managers  and a chat portal with other Co-workers  it was like a virtual office.

Seven months working was great, then we were given the opportunity to work on a Market Research Campaign, a customer satisfaction survey and for the next 2 years I worked mostly in market research, as one campaign ended another started it was a well oiled machine and I got as many hours as I wanted and was still able to pick my hours to suit me and my study.

In 2009 Unity4 approached me to work in their inbound team, mostly for NRMA safer driving school booking lessons and customer service. It was perfect, at the time I needed more structure and more hours this provided both. Since then I have worked on a number of campaigns Red Cross, Cardpay AGL, Macular degeneration Van, TRUEnergy, Douwe  Egberts, Xstrata, Virgin, Amaysim, Supercheap storage, 1300homeloan,  Rapport and some more I have forgotten.

A lot of jokes are made about the benefits of working from home, no travel time, you can wear pyjamas to work if you want, unlimited coffee and snacks even tax right offs, But recently we had our first baby and working at Unity4 has allowed me to be there for all the moments in his life and still make a great income. I see this as a privilege because not to many Dads or Mums can say they get to see their child and wife most of the day and provide an income in a job the love.

Six years have passed and I have nothing but the highest praise For Unity4 and all the campaigner managers I have worked with, I have always been treated more than just a employee but as part of a team or family it has made working for Unity4 one of the best things I have done and I have no reservation referring them to friends and family and have done on many occasions.


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