Membrain Data


Membrain Data – Best-of-Breed Data Hygiene, Lead Enhancement and Customer Acquisition

Membrain Data was created in January 2017 with the sole purpose of improving outcomes for anyone using leads to drive Direct Marketing outcomes.The proposition is very simple – we want to help our clients contact less people, but make more money, by helping you to call the right person at the right time.

We have built a proprietary software platform – Membrain, that allows us to ingest large quantities of lead data and:

  1. Improve Lead Hygiene by eliminating not only incorrect records with bad phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses
  2. Uses Rapport CMS data to run predictive modelling on how to prioritise calling of the best leads

How Does it work?

Membrain uses best-of-breed external validation services, as well as our own proprietary systems to make data as ‘clean’ as possible, leading to the best results for your business.

As well as running a SaaS platform Membrain can help with all aspects of the Direct Marketing, Lead Management and Lead Buying funnel – we are full-service Performance Marketing agency, and will help you drive industry-leading results for your acquisition or retention campaigns acquire customers via the telephone, email or social channels, get in touch with Membrain today or email Matt Bateman ( direct for an initial free data overview of your business.