Delivering quality lead generation

Major Financial Services company ensures continuation of lead supply.


Unity4’s remote agent services enables a large Financial Services company to enhance their lead generation efforts whilst managing compliance risk.

Unity4 were commissioned by a large Australian Financial Services company to assist in lead generation. This case study illustrates how our clients are able to build a bespoke program that delivers output of a quantity and quality that they require.

In 2016 the financial services company has been running a long time lead generation program with another agency, that they are increasingly concerned about in terms of compliance risk. They go to market to look for a provider who will provide the right type of agent, with the right technology, to enable them to manage their compliance risk. Starting with just a few agents the program gets off the ground, the approach is refined continuously with input from Unity4, the company and the data provider to ensure that the program has the base that will enable its growth.

By 2018 the program has over 60 staff working on it, generating quality leads at the right price.