Unity4 brings donors back to life

Animal charity uses Unity4 to reunite with their donors.


Unity4’s remote agent services enables an animal advocacy charity to bring their lapsed donors back on board whilst delivering an excellent donor experience.

Unity4 were tasked by a world wide animal charity to re-engage with their lapsed donors. This case study illustrates how our clients are able to reconnect with their donors in a positive way.

Unity4 commenced calling on this program after the client had been using the same supplier for some years. That relationship was heavily dictated by the supplier who would only accept certain segments of their database. The charity wanted to take more of a role in the management of their database, to ensure that the touchpoints were made on a more timely basis across the entire donor database.

Firstly the data was segmented in a number of different ways and flagged to enable Unity4’s reporting filters. Coupled with scripting tailored to the donor’s profile and real time reporting to show what was working and what wasn’t, Unity4 was able to deliver a better return on investment than expected for this client whilst treating the donor base with the utmost respect.

Post file data analysis has enabled the client to make better decisions each month on what data to call and in what order to maximise results.