Unity4 provides a decentralised solution for a major retailer

We enable contact centre agents in any location, at home, in a bricks and mortar centre or in a retail store.


Unity4 enables a major retailer with a significant retail shop network to close a large call centre by handling customer calls via the store network. Unity4's experience in virtualisation of agents ensures a seamless introduction of this innovative call handling solution.

Unity4 secures a major retail group in partnership with Optus in 2012.
The clients bill is sent on Optus paper but the platform and support are provided entirely by Unity4.
Utilising the RapportCMS routing engine Unity4 enables an even distribution of all marketing calls across the retail store network.
The solution enables over c.650 call centre agents to handle retail enquiries in store.
Call tracking and reporting, including integration with Salesforce provides a seamless service.

• Reduced Costs / Closure – has enabled the closure of a now obsolete contact centre.
• Better Service – calls now handled by experienced agents within retail stores.
• Better Utilisation – employs retail staff during quiet periods, exploiting different retail store time zones.
• More business -­ Calls previously lost (>150K p.a.) are now redirected to be answered.