Financial Services

Unity4 has worked with a wide range of leading financial institutions from SMEs to corporate organisations. From help desk support to inbound and outbound sales and service we can deliver a solution to provide an effective Return on Investment for your campaign and just as importantly we deliver the highest level of security and quality assurance for you and your customers. With our state of the art technology we can supply you with deeper insights into your customer’s needs to allow you to stay on top of their requirements and the competition.

Our cloud based contact centre technology is first class. We enable our clients to access all aspects of the work we do, from the ability to listen in to live calls, to accessing call recordings, running real-time performance and return on investment reports.

Unity4 applies a customised Quantitative and Qualitative (QQMS) procedure that ensures all inbound and outbound telephone contact efforts follow industry-leading best practice process. QQMS also ensures standards are maintained and a quality assurance culture is fostered within the company. In addition, Unity4 is PCI, ADMA, DNC, and ATA compliant.

• Insurance, Superannuation, Banking & Financial services – Customer acquisition, Customer service and Customer retention


• Insurance, Superannuation, Personal Protection product upsell & cross sell

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