Not For Profits

Unity4 has built successful teams made of experienced team leaders and tele-fundraisers that specialise in managing a broad range of not for profit telefundraising campaigns. We have worked with some of the largest not-for profit organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom over the past 8 years. Our priority is to carry out our clients objectives professionally, consistently and efficiently. We are aware just how important your donors are and we seek to establish a strong relationship between the donor and your organisation which sets the stage for continued giving. We’re able to offer a speedy and flexible service enabling us to fulfil our charity client’s requirements in a timely and effective manner.Unity4 has established one of the largest fundraising divisions, and with access to a large pool of experienced agents we can cater for all telefundraising campaigns including but not limited to:

From new donors to long term supporters, telefundraising is an essential marketing strategy for interacting with your donors at every stage in a donor’s lifecycle.

On average, 80% of our tele-fundraisers have worked for Unity4 on charity campaigns for at least 1 year. This enables us to give your donors the best possible tele-fundraising experience.

Our cloud based contact centre technology is first class. We enable our clients to access all aspects of the work we do, from the ability to listen in to live calls, to accessing call recordings, running real-time performance and return on investment reports.

Unity4 applies a customised Quantitative and Qualitative (QQMS) procedure that ensures all inbound and outbound telephone contact efforts follow industry-leading best practice process. QQMS also ensures standards are maintained and a quality assurance culture is fostered within the company. In addition, Unity4 is PCI DSS, OFCOM, ACMA, ATA, ADMA and DMA compliant.

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