Remote Agent Services

We are a major provider of outsourced contact centre services.

Unity4 a major, global provider of outsourced contact centre services is defined by its workforce, all of whom operate exclusively from home. A unique company with a number of unique differences, Unity4 believes these differences afford customers improved representation and results.

Many traditional contact centres suffer from high turnover and a lack of motivation and sense of belonging amongst their staff. Our work at home model fosters a commitment and loyalty rarely experienced elsewhere. The average tenure of our staff is 48 months and many stay on campaigns for many years and see themselves as extensions of our client companies.

Unity4 works across many market verticals and has over 18 years experience with Government, Commercial and Not For Profit clients.

Delivering Good Conversations.

  • Customer Service & Experience

    • New customer welcome calls
    • Booking or order taking
    • Billing, technical support & complaint handling
    • Product recall
    • General enquiry handling
    • Public relations hotline
  • Fundraising & Donor Management

    • Regular giving acquisition
    • Facebook to regular giving acquisition
    • Raffle & lottery ticket campaigns
    • Merchandise sales
    • Disaster relief donations
    • One off donor conversion to regular giving
    • Regular giving donation upgrades
    • Regular giving payment decline follow up
    • Bequests
  • Proactive Telephone Sales

    • Energy industry product sales
    • Supporter merchandise
    • Fixed line & mobile telephone
    • Existing customer upsell
    • Business to business product sales
    • Customer retention or reactivation
    • Pharmaceutical telephone repping
  • Live Chat

    • Account activation
    • Patient support
    • Billing enquiries
    • Proactive retention
    • Sales support & lead generation
    • Technical support
  • SMS, Email & Social

    • Customer life cycle messaging
    • Booking reminders
    • Purchase or change confirmations
    • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat handling
    • Overdue accounts
    • Retention broadcasts


Home based agents, cloud computing, conversational technology. We strive to stimulate, be respectful off all, put clients and team members in control and at ease.

Our Agents

We employ people to work from home on their own terms while offering all the professionalism and rewards of an office job. We champion giving people a meaningful role in the workforce who may otherwise be excluded.


We believe in transparency and being candid with customers and each other. Reporting is key to this. Enabling clients to hear everything at and time and to run insightful reports across not only the operational aspect of the contact centre but also the human resources and return on investment outcomes.