Our difference

Our vision when we started Unity4 was simple; build an environment that treated its workers as real people. We recognise our staff need flexibility and meaning in their working life. We wanted to use technology to create more options for how to connect the right people, the right way at the right time.
We are not bound by geography or personal circumstances. This has allowed us to provide employment opportunities to sea-changers, stay-at-home mums, semi-retired professionals, and people with disabilities.

We drive Unity4 to some key values:


Our platform is highly flexible and adaptable

We invent things before clients know they want them

We’re good at fixing problems quickly

We question the status quo


We give people evidence to make good decisions

We don't lock people into deals or use fine print

We’re candid with clients and each other


We help people shape solutions around their needs

We encourage people to succeed on their own terms

We hire good people and measure them on outcomes and attitude


We speak to people as individuals

We achieve better results by being positive + motivated

We’re loyal

We believe if you're nice to people they will be nice to you