Contact Centre Outsourcing – Our Difference

Our business model makes us unique. Many traditional contact centres suffer from high turnover and their staff a lack of motivation and sense of belonging. Unity4 employs people to work exclusively from home. They are inherently happier and often more qualified; they work on their terms, complementing their life situations, working in a manner that suits their schedule. As our team are essentially the voice of your brand, service or company we believe this approach translates into better campaign outcomes.

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Great People

Our vision when we started Unity4 was simple; build an environment that treated its workers as real people. We recognise our staff need flexibility and meaning in their working life. Our at home model radically changes the call centre paradigm.

As a ‘browser based business’ we are not bound by geography or personal circumstances. This has allowed us to provide employment opportunities to sea-changers, stay-at-home mums, semi-retired professionals, and people with disabilities.

Not surprisingly, many of our operators, since discovering Unity4, have become fiercely loyal. This sense of team, fostered by mutual respect and shared goals, is very unusual in the contact centre industry. We believe this has a direct impact on the quality of representation for your brand or service.

You have invested so much in your brand, but what does it sound like? With Unity4 you can be assured of a quality telephone team that communicates your brand the way you do; professionally, efficiently, and with trust.

Powerful Technology

Our home-based teams are powered by our RapportCMS contact centre technology platform. We developed RapportCMS to run our outsourced contact centre, however over time the platform has proved so successful that it’s now used on a stand alone basis by some of the world’s largest organisations. There are currently over 3,700 active users globally on the RapportCMS platform.

RapportCMS provides us with the following capabilities:

  • Inbound IVR/ACD and intelligent routing
  • Outbound predictive and preview dialling
  • Online staff recruitment and training
  • Campaign management and advanced scripting
  • Workforce management and payroll
  • Online real time reporting
  • 100% call recording with online access
  • Secure data storage, SFTP transfer with PCI compliance

Total Transparency

Unity4 enjoys close, interactive working relationships with all of our clients. Our dealings are open and honest, as we find that this style of partnership fosters a learning environment within which we can work together to improve our performance. All data on campaigns is available to clients on a real time basis including live monitoring and recordings. Live ROI can be calculated on product sales campaigns as needed. Inbound dashboards are accessible through the browser to keep you in touch with the performance of campaigns.

Creative Thinking

Whilst the moment of truth of a telemarketing campaign is the actual call, its success is as much determined by the creative thinking and strategy that went into it in the first place.

We place great emphasis on creatively mapping the components of the campaign including scripting, brand voice, agent selection, dialling strategies as well as collateral fulfilment.

Unity4 professionals have experience across a wide range of, marketing, advertising ,direct comms, product recalls, and brand positioning. This experience is brought to bear on each and every job.

Strong Governance

Unity4 provides strict governance with reference to state, local and national government regulations as well as industry standards

Unity4 adheres to and is compliant with;

  • Australian Do Not Call Legislation – ACMA
  • United Kingdom Telephone Preference Scheme – DMA
  • ACMA & AUSTEL Compliant
  • OFCOM Compliant
  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • Externally Security Penetration Tested and Scanned

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