Data Empowerment

  • Conversational Interfaces


    Instead of having to sift through the drop-down menus, tables, functions, and buttons found in today’s software, our conversational interface reports enable agents to receive automated feedback in plain English.

  • Agent Support Chat Bots


    AI Chat Bots operate within the agent support tools updating agents with key statistics and insights across their performance. This not only frees up Team Leader resource, but ensures a consistency of feedback and empiric decision making.

  • Sawmill / Data Optimisation


    Unity4 utilises proprietary predictive analytics using our wealth at data points on anonymised data. While fully complying with data and privacy regulations around the world we are able to use unidentified markers in activity logs to predict future responses of cohorts of data. This technology enables customers using RapportCMS to make less calls on outbound process to gain the same result, reducing cost and minimising nuisance dialling and increasing return on investment.

  • System Integration

    • RapportCMS can interact with any API
    • Data can be passed to and from CRM platforms
    • Mashing the data allows a complete view of the customers interaction
    • RapportCMS can also provide APIs to use within your CRM to extend the functionality to the back office