Privacy and Security

RapportCMS’s security and privacy procedures comply with industry best practice as well as current legislative requirements in the territories we operate.

We utilise Tier 4/3 data centres for our hosting requirements in geographically disparate locations. Our data centre designs include certification to AS 7799 security standard; and built to a standard higher than AS2834, They are DSD Highly Protected ASIO T4 certified when applicable, Suntone II, EMC Certified, Microsoft Certified, RedHat Certified, plus others.

RapportCMS’s system architecture provides a combination of 1+1 and n+1 redundancy and has a multiple carrier approach to voice data, utilising both SIP and ISDN voice services.

All data communications are encrypted using SSL 128 bit encryption, and multiple networking zones are maintained to ensure the highest level of security from a logical and physical perspective.

Administrative access to RapportCMS instances is restricted to registered security cleared IT personnel utilising two factor authenticated IPSEC VPN connections. Physical access to the data centres is also restricted, requiring Photo ID and Biometric verification.

The RapportCMS platform is monitored at all times by our International Operations Centre (IOC) in Sydney Australia on a 24/7/365 basis.

SSL 128-bit

SSL 128-bit encryption for all data transfers.


Firewalls protect all ports with encrypted IPSEC VPN two factor access for authorised external administration.

Backed up daily

All data is redundant & backed up daily and stored offsite.


Our datacentres utilise state-of-the-art security measures including on-site personnel 24/7, photo ID, biometric locks and man traps.


All servers have n+1 levels of redundancy.

Two levels of authentication

Two levels of authentication protection on systems.

Secure telephony

All voice and data communication travels though our secure telephony infrastructure.


PCI-DSS compliance is maintained for all applicable networks.