Unity4 gets supervisors moving with mobile management tools.

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July 2013

Unity4 gets supervisors moving with mobile management tools.

Sydney, Australia – 22/7/2013 — Unity4, the global home agent contact centre outsourcer and technology provider, has released new features to their RapportCMS technology enabling mobile device access to streaming of call recordings, score-carding and a powerful suite of call centre management functions.

Call centre managers are now able to monitor and manage almost all aspects of the contact centre via a tablet or smartphone, keeping in touch with key performance indicators, even when on the move.

“The addition of streaming to mobile devices and the ability to use all of the score card systems seamlessly on a tablet; was a missing piece in our already extensive suite of mobile management tools. This release gives us the most comprehensive mobile management tools in the industry and gets supervisors and managers up and moving!” announced Unity4 CEO Dan Turner

The release now give managers unparalleled visibility and access to management tools including:

The ability to listen to live to calls and stream call recordings
Scoring of calls
Monitoring of Dashboards and Queues
Changing and updating inbound and outbound Queues
Assigning agents to campaigns and updating agent schedules
Running ROI Reports

“Unity4 has long been a pioneer in the cloud contact centre space, everything we do is based around the ability to securely access and manage complex contact centres, irrespective of geography. Our tag line is Know No Boundaries, and as virtual contact centre experts we try to live by this mantra. Large multi site contact centres, home based contact centres, or just managers that like to have live information at their fingertips, love this level of access.”

The RapportCMS technology has more than 2900 active users globally and powers Unity4’s successful work at home model. As an end-to-end platform, it provides full call centre functionalities to these home-based employees who only need a computer and broadband connection to serve customers’ needs and Unity4’s technology division makes this platform available to companies on a per seat basis.