Unity4 launches Live Performance Dashboard

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June 2013
Unity4 launches Live Performance Dashboard

Sydney, Australia – 11/06/2013 — Unity4, introduces Live Performance Dashboard.
Contact centre campaign managers have a wealth of data available to them. But while many software applications have the capacity to report on individual elements of a contact centre campaign – such as tracking calls per hour, call handle times or abandonment rates, rarely are platforms able to encompass total campaign reporting as well as business performance metrics.

Unity4’s new Live Performance Dashboard is fully integrated into RapportCMS, the cloud-based, pay per use telephony and contact centre platform. As a built-in function, it draws data across the whole contact centre operation, going beyond simply reporting call statistics to incorporate sales, labour costs, and other factors that allow client or campaign manager to see performance in terms of chosen KPI’s.

“In effect, the Live Performance Dashboard provides many clients with a snapshot of exactly what they want to see in real time. They want to see whether their campaign is meeting its objectives, whether it’s exceeding them or falling short. What we are tracking here are business performance indicators rather than just the data-driven standard performance indicators of a call centre campaign. The Dashboard gathers raw data from whichever elements need to be reported on, whether that’s the telephony, the CRM, or scripting engine, and provides critical information to decision-makers, in a simple to understand format,” related Unity4 CEO Dan Turner.
He added, “The advantage of this feature lies in making advanced reporting very accessible and easy to configure. It doesn’t require expensive IT time and can be set up by anyone who can use internet banking.”

The Live Performance Dashboard has an elegant screen display that shows the campaign in one of three colours, depending on whether the campaign is on target, falling behind, or exceeding the goals that have been set for it. By hovering over a display, users can easily drill down into the campaign if more granular data is required.

UK: Steve Morris, Business Development and Commercial Manager, +44 01746 330 054
Australia: Joanna Hishon, Business Development Director, +61 2 9699 8279