Better Agents

We pioneered work-from-home agent teams, and that means that our agents
are mostly: 

  • More age diverse  
  • More educated (75% Tertiary educated)
  • More experience (85% have had prior sales/fundraising experience)
  • More Loyal, they tend to stay with us – we have less than 5% staff turnover p.a





Better Platform

  • To deliver the true benefits of deploying remote agents Unity4 developed the proprietary tech platform that integrates the entire ‘people’ layer  
  • Getting prospects to answer the ‘phone is hard, but it’s what happens after ‘Hello’ that is just as crucial

Better Insights

Unity4’s complete customer interaction model delivers real time insights simply available from any competitor.  





Better Performance

Sophisticated AI and Insights drives superior performance and enables continious improvement. 

Better Account Management  

Unity4 has now had over 20 years’ experience working with clients across various industry verticles. Client’s Unity4 account handling function is dedicated to be your voice within our shop focusing efforts to ensure that all our knowledge and resources are harnessed to generate the outcomes so vital for success encompassing both quantitative and qualitative measurement.  

Many of our Client Service Managers come from fundraising and sales backgroundsYou can have the confidence will have confidence that they understand the indepth challenges you face, and apply Unity4’s insight tools and collective experience to direct your calling.  

We Offer:  

  • Practical knowledge and experience:  Our team will identify the best way to implement and manage ongoing tele-fundraising programs with thoughts around approach, messaging, timing of touchpoints the lead journey, not just with the phone calls but with other channels including email and SMS.
  • Technical Expertise: Our tenured IT team are apply their experience collaboratively with your team to design best practice Unity4 methodologies and the technical tools to deliver the outcomes both in revenue and cost of sale perspectives. 
  • Regular Collaboration: Unity4 maintains open lines of communications with our clients. We also are committed to a regime of more formal regular contact to provide thorough updates. update meetings. 
  • The Weekly Work In Progress (WIP): the Unity4 Client Service Manager and you’re the client program manager meet either on the phone or in person, with at least one face to face per month. Unity4 will provide the review material pack covering off actions, latest reporting and results, comments, feedback.  
  • Quarterly review: Involving the Unity4 Client Service Manager, General Manager face to face to meeting to review the previous quarter results to budget, feedback, comments, areas for improvement and strategy for the upcoming quarter.   

Want to find out more?  

About Us

Unity4 launched in Australia in 2000, the underpinning technology RapportCMS was released to market as a stand-alone offering and is sold under license by Optus.

Unity4 is still privately owned by the original shareholders.

Unity4 employs more than 800 people worldwide. All phone operators are hired on an employee basis, not as private contractors.

Unity4 and its successful 100% work from home model is a major global tele-fundraiser with offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and North America.

The quality of our workforce is a critical differentiator for Unity4 and one that has successfully navigated current disrupted marketplace, and the business approach is ideally designed for delivering sales as “the new normal” in the future post-pandemic working world.

Facts at a Glance

Unity4 was established in 2000 and is privately held by the original shareholders

Over 1100 agents operating in the comfort of their own home across the 6 territories

Unity4 operates in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, the USA, and has just opened up in Fiji!

The group has a Compound Annual Growth rate of 44.28 percent

Why Unity4

Live feedback

At Unity4, we have a live feedback loop that gives us real-time on-call outcomes, not just contact rates or conversion percentages.


Finding new customers

We use the full suite of digital traffic sources to find those potential new customers, whilst also using 11+ years of experience to convert initial interest to a sale.   


Start a Conversation

We believe in the power of conversations to do good for people and business. We’re using technology to create more options for how to connect the right people, the right way at the right time.

Contact Us

If you are interested in employment, please go to the “Join Our Team” section of this site to apply.


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