Purpose-built, Australia-made Technology Platform 

RapportCMS is our competitive advantage vs our competitors. We are focused on the intersection between telephony, interaction management and the people who handle the calls.  This approach ensures that we make ‘human technology’ designed by and for contact centre practitioners. 

We know that world class call centre technology must be equally adept at addressing what happens after the agent says hello as to how the call is routed to the desktop.

As one of the leading Contact Centres in the AUNZ market, we had over 10 years of building, refining and improving our technology before then releasing it to market as a SAAS solution.


Rapport CMS Benefits  

Rapport CMS Explained 

  • Single end-to-end automated SaaS contact centre platform with all key call centre tools available on demand. 
  • Remote agent model – true virtualisation  
  • While most providers have built solutions from a telephony perspective, we recognise what happens after the agent says hello is of equal importance to what happened before. 
  • The core telephony functions of routing and dialling are the foundations of our technology; however, it is our attention to the human aspect of running a contact centre that positively differentiates us from our peers. 



RapportCMS IVR system supports your custom queues, on hold messaging or call screening and more advanced functionality such as automated order tracking and customer surveys. 

  • Allows customers to enter their desired service to ensure correct routing of the call  
  • Database dips to customer data to provide customer value-based routing  
  • Selfservice options available, order taking, credit card payments, debt management etc.  
  • Full Reporting 



  • Let RapportCMS route your calls in the cloud. Send your calls to agents in your contact centre or at their home, using screen pop and our scripting engine. 
  • Skills based routing Virtual contact centre, an agent can-log in from anywhere and be part of a single contact centre 
  • Utilises Rapports powerful scripting engine  
  • Screen pop 

Intelligent Routing    

Unity4 have developed an intelligent routing solution enabling contact centre style routing, call recording and detailed reporting available for non-contact centre staff or locations where calls need to be routed. 

Use of the function has be deployed by customers with a large retail network, distributing calls across the country. All calls can be records and staff within the stores are able to log in to listen and score their calls. 

All administration and access to reporting is available within an easy to use portal. No call needs to be missed and a variety of strategies can be deployed to make sure the routing of calls matches the business needs. 

    Outbound Predictive    

    Our intuitive predictive dialler gives your outbound campaign the speed and smarts it needs to succeed. 

    • Flexible list creation and management
    • Powerful filtering tools for ‘on the fly’ changes to queues
    • Simple to use dialler management, no IT required
    • Self-pacing algorithms ensure maximum list penetration and agent utilisation
    • Utilises Rapports’ powerful scripting engine

    Digital Agent     

    Available from Unity4 is a ubiquitous asynchronous messaging solution. Clients can select the digital channel they would like to offer to their client.

    Customer channels:

    • Website Live Chat
    • Facebook Messenger
    • WhatsApp
    • Twitter DM
    • WeChat
    • Viber
    • SMS
    • Email
    • LINE
    • Telegram
    • Amazon Alexa
    • Google Assistant


    Powerful scripting tool that enables your agents to navigate fluidly through, capturing reportable information on the way. From personalised detail capture to complex product selection, we have it covered. 

    • The Scripting tool is unique differentiator for RapportCMS
    • Complex or simple processes can be mapped
    • Agents are guided through the processes, following the prompts and collecting data as needed – ensures consistency of service
    • All data collected within the platform may be reported on
    • Third party applications can be “popped” within RapportCMS at the key moment in a process

    CRM Integration      

    Unity4 has completed many integrations into various CRM and customer management systems. Integrations have included the utilisation of the standard APIs allowing a rich set of functionalities. Systems have included: 

    • Salesforce 
    • Hubspot 
    • Oracle/Sebel 
    • MS Dynamics 
    • Blackbaud 
    • Razor’s Edge
    • And a host of proprietary customer systems

    For Inbounds calls U4 can automatically search for the caller’s number and pop the customers details within the CRM platform and data can be passed back to through the API to the legacy system. 

    In an outbound environment we can do the following:

    • Allow records to be individually or on mass into Rapport to enable automated dialling
    • CRM records can be automatically updated with interaction history.
    • Popping of records to the correct screen can be triggered automatically via the scripting engine. 

    Click to Call functionality can be added with call recording and detailed reporting.

      Realtime Outbound Monitoring      

      Rapport CMS enables you to real time monitor your queues, with alert systems built in to ensure that you are able to proactively rather than reactively manage. 

      • All Queues monitored with live dashboards
      • Queue Alerts can be set by campaign to indicate unusual call / queue durations
      • SMS Alerts can be set up to let management know of long Queues
      • Queue Dashboard configured to work on any size of screen
      • Single or multiple queue views can be configured

      Campaign data (such as ROI) information can be included on Queue Dashboards. 


      Detailed Reporting        

      Watch your data in real time, anywhere you are in the world. This will give you the power to ensure your campaign is performing, and to know where to go to make alterations on the fly.

      • Mix of telephony and business data in the one report
      • All data captured can be reported
      • No summarised data
      • Custom calculations can be added i.e. cost per sale per agent, % of quota
      • Fully exportable to Excel or ODBC compliant database
      • Available from any internet connection
      • Many templates to choose from

      Historical Agent Reporting        

      Reporting that can be run right now, wherever you are in the world. We have a ready-made suite of reports ready for you or custom design your own. 

      • Mix of telephony and business data in the one report
      • All data captured can be reported
      • No summarised data
      • Custom calculations can be added i.e. cost per sale per agent, % of quota
      • Fully exportable to Excel or ODBC compliant database
      • Available from any internet connection
      • Many templates to choose from
      • Reports can be customised


      Call Recording and Scoring  

      Make and listen back to recordings with ease. Comes with the ability to turn on and off certain call types/agents/campaigns as per your requirements. 

      • 100% of calls to be recorded or recording on demand
      • Multiple recordings of the same conversation – one for quality and the other for compliance
      • Recording can be activated/deactivated by the call scripting and therefore collecting only the required information
      • Call stored for 65 days on-line and then available as needed on DVD
      • Integrated Quality Assurance – QQMS Compliance module
      • Customised Scorecards for each call type
      • QQMS data can be integrated in to routing strategies.

      Quality Assurance          

      RapportCMS’ own quality system uses qualitative and quantitative data to score your agents. The smarts built into your campaign’s scoring system enable you to achieve optimum outcomes. 

      • Online Scorecards are fully customisable by campaign / Call Type
      • Scorecards provide an aggregated score across agents, teams and contact centres
      • QQMS score can include Qualitative and Quantitative data
      • Routing decisions can be made using QQMS scores
      • Scheduling decisions can be made using QQMS
      • Individual performance reports can be accessed as feedback by agents.
      • Multiple scorecards can be filled out for a single call, enabling ‘calibration of assessment’ between assessors.


      Analytics as a Service       

      Unity4 partners with the leaders in the area of agent analytics, combined with the use of AI and machine learning applied to collected data and the result of speech to text engines. It is the combination of analyst collected data that allows the best utilisation of automated options within the client name short contact centre 

      Combining a high-quality duplex call recording capability and a market-leading speech-to-text engine, the service can accurately listen and collate 100% of conversations 24/7. 

      The AI engine identifies the key conversational elements which provide meaning and context. 

      Applying semantic engine, the service deciphers the conversations identifying: 

      • Tone, clarity, energy
      • Key phrases and topics
      • Call behaviours such as talk speed, personality, customer education level, pauses, over-talk and silences

      Through a standard or bespoke visual representation of insights, the solution provides predictors and potential courses of action for: 

      • Compliance remediation
      • Individual agent & team training
      • Brand experience improvement
      • Key metrics improvement (AHT, FCR)
      • Customer satisfaction improvement
      • Customer buying predictors
      • Agent & customer churn predictors

      This would be an additional charge based on hours transcribed, pricing available upon request.

        Virtual Training Rooms    

        RapportCMS has virtual classrooms designed to foster the best learning environment for your agents. Includes conference call, slideshow, app sharing, and trainer to agent interaction. 

        • Online Classrooms can be established per customer
        • Virtual training can be conducted ‘within’ RapportCMS Teleworker”
        • We also integrate with MS Teams
        • Application sharing.
        • Supports PowerPoint and PDF Whiteboard Sessions
        • Integrated voice bridge



        Multi-Chanel Rules Engine        

        Our multichannel rules engine gives you the power to manage your campaign data. From development through script build, email and SMS to final data delivery we have it covered. 

        • Email gateway
        • SMS gateway
        • Emails and SMS can be automatically sent to customers with data collected during the interaction
        • Agent does not need to see or manage the process, simply follow the script
        • Data file automatically posted to SFTP sites, emails to mail houses
        • Process XML integration with external web sites
        • Automation of data cleaning and data updating/appending


        Our online recruitment system is world class and takes your agents through the entire recruitment process, from the initial application through to going live.  

        • Online recruitment module included in RapportCMS
        • Customisable Application process
        • Customisable Questions and Tests
        • Variable Pass / Fail thresholds
        • Candidate management (Auto Email function with document management)
        • Generation of online “To Do” list for Recruitment coordinators
        • Successful candidates are Auto set up in RapportCMS production environment “ready to go”



        Interaction Manager         

        Our interaction management system makes even the most complex processes simple to follow for your agents 

        • Complex or simple processes can be mapped
        • All data collected within the platform may be reported on

        Customer data can be utilised within the script and is capable of the following:


        • Include name and product details
        • Outcomes from previous interactions such as sales or complaints
        • Acknowledge long wait times
        • Customer value or products can automatically trigger different scripts
        • Personalised interactions


        RapportCMS’ payroll system captures all agent data to enable close to 100% payroll automation.  

        • Presence engine captures all payroll time and day information
        • Gross agent remuneration can be calculated by agent by campaign by project
        • Time sheets can be ‘pushed’ to agents for approval within Teleworker
        • Timesheets can be ‘disputed’ or accepted’
        • Payroll administrators can contest disputes or approve for payment
        • Payroll files can be developed for most accounting applications – MYOB, Sage, Quicken
        • Net pay information (after tax and entitlement is calculated by accounting software) then imported back in to RapportCMS



        Data Transfer        

        Secure data transfer to wherever you need it

        • All customer and interaction data available
        • Exports are completely customisable to enable integration to third party applications
        • Data transfer to SFTP can be automated via the RapportCMS rule engine
        • Secure file transfer protocol is PCI compliant
        • Complies with industry best practice for security.
        • Certificate and IP restricted access layers.

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        We believe in the power of conversations to do good for people and business.We’re using technology to create more options for how to connect the right people, the right way at the right time.

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