We believe in the power of conversations to do good for people and businesses


We’re using technology to create more options for how to connect the right people, the right way at the right time. We’re inventive and are always looking for new ways of doing things.

We often create solutions before our customers ask for them. Our platform offers flexibility and choice so businesses can do a better job.

We believe in transparency and are candid with customers and each other.

We empower people to get better outcomes – from putting data into peoples’ hands so they can make informed decisions to enabling people to work in new ways that suit today’s lifestyles.

We’re friendly and approachable, and focused on making things simpler and easier.

We believe in the principle that if you do good for others, they’ll do good for you.

Unity4. Good conversations.

Facts at
a Glance


Unity4 was established in 2000 and is privately held by the original shareholders


Over 11,000 active users on the RapportCMS platform worldwide


Unity4 operates in 5 countries, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and the USA


The group has a Compound Annual Growth rate of 44.28 percent


We employ in excess of 850 people worldwide


Labradoodles in the office