Technology As a Service

When we started Unity4 over 20 years ago, an efficient system to manage large numbers of home-based agents didn’t exist (and trust me, we looked!), so we built our own – RapportCMS 

We used RapportCMS to power our own distributed call centre, and over time, added features on a regular basis, purely focused on delivering the best outcomes for our clients, and making the calling process as efficient as possible.

Over time, we built some bespoke solutions for our clients to help them better manage their calling needs, and this led to the creation of RapportCMS as it’s own product, with a 10 year history of delivering outstanding technology solutions for a diverse range of clients – from Flight Centre Australia, to major charities, banks, and telcos, we have dozens of installed, specialised versions of RapportCMS that deliver, every day. Contact our team to find out more!